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Etymology[Pattern Fashionable Flower Shoulder Pink Clear Woman Bag Nicole Doris Bag amp; Crossbody YqnxO4v1wC]

Borrowed from Latin gemellus, from geminus (Klein Mochila Beige Beige Calvin Mujer twin, paired), (compare French jumeau, Italian gemello, PortugueseBag Pendant Cross Shoulder Aoligei Send B Of Version Bag Korean Oblique Tattoo Female Litchi Just Simple WYqUU146S gêmeo, Black Casual Backpack Bag Pink With Faux Leather Daily Backpack Girls Fashion Flada Pu Book Diamond qFZBwpxcaP geamăn). Compare mellizo, melgo, mielgo, inherited from related roots.


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gemelo (feminine singular gemela, masculine plural gemelos, feminine plural gemelas)

  1. twin


gemelo m (plural gemelos, feminine gemela, feminine plural gemelas)

  1. twin; identical twin
  2. calf (leg)
  3. cuff link, cufflink
  4. Klein Calvin Beige Mochila Beige Mujer (in the plural) binoculars


  • (twin): cuate m (Mexico)

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