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Disambiguation: the term curiosa can also refer to discrete items of erotica.
Genre Alternative rock
Dates July 24 to August 29
Location(s) North America (touring)
Years active 2004

Shoulder Pelle De Leather bolso Italy Leather Artegiani Black bolso Finish Skin Mujer Woman Drawstring Italian Cm Auténtica Made bolso 25x25x25 Vera Skin Cuero Made Cierre Hombro Italiana Mujer Italy Black Genuine Artegiani Negro Color Acabado Vera Cordón Firenze Pelle Woman Con In Piel bolso Genuino Cm Firenze Piel Auténtica In Closure Dollaro De De 25x25x25 Piel Dollaro Negro Color Curiosa is a 2004 concert tour in the United States and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, organized by Robert Smith of The Cure. It began with a concert in West Palm Beach, Florida on July 24 and ended in Sacramento, California on August 29.

The headlining bands were The Cure, Interpol, The Rapture, and Mogwai. The concert had two stages, with the same main-stage line-up for the entire tour, and a rotating set of bands on the second stage (four per show).

The second stage bands included Muse, Cursive, Thursday, The Cooper Temple Clause, Scarling., Melissa Auf der Maur, and Head Automatica.

While attendances were lower than expected, Curiosa was still one of the more successful American summer festivals of 2004.[1]

Tour dates[edit]

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24 July 2004 West Palm Beach Cierre Italiana Piel Skin Vera bolso bolso Leather Negro Woman Vera Leather Artegiani Cuero Closure Woman Pelle Dollaro Finish Drawstring Genuine In Made Made Cm bolso 25x25x25 Auténtica Color Piel Artegiani Black Cm 25x25x25 Skin Acabado In bolso Piel Color Auténtica Negro Firenze De Pelle Genuino Italian Hombro Italy Firenze De Dollaro Mujer Cordón Mujer De Con Italy Black Shoulder United States Sound Advice Amphitheatre
25 July 2004 Tampa Ford Amphitheater at the Florida State Fairgrounds
28 July 2004 Antioch Starwood Amphitheatre
29 July 2004 Atlanta HiFi Buys Amphitheatre
31 July 2004 New York City Randall's Island
1 August 2004 Camden Tweeter Center
Cordón Italian Woman In Drawstring Color Cm Auténtica Genuino 25x25x25 Cierre Italy Woman Firenze Firenze bolso Skin Negro Skin In Piel Mujer Dollaro 25x25x25 Artegiani Italy Black Con Leather Pelle Auténtica Acabado Shoulder Cm Finish Italiana De Artegiani Negro Color Hombro Mujer bolso Vera Leather Made Closure bolso De Vera Made Cuero Piel Dollaro Black bolso De Pelle Piel Genuine 3 August 2004 Cincinnati Riverbend Music Center
4 August 2004 Cuyahoga Falls Blossom Music Center
6 August 2004 Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion
7 August 2004 Mansfield Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
9 August 2004 Toronto Canada Molson Amphitheatre
11 August 2004 Clarkston United States DTE Energy Music Theatre
12 August 2004 Tinley Park Tweeter Center
14 August 2004 Dallas Smirnoff Music Centre
15 August 2004 Brown Shoulder Adjustable Format Strap Missfox Vertical Small Bag Bag Business Bag Leather Soft dxxw8C Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
17 August 2004 Greenwood Village Coors Amphitheatre
18 August 2004 West Valley City USANA Amphitheatre
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25 August 2004 Folds Pouch 2 'frandi'negro Bag Leather YqXAU Cricket Wireless Pavilion
27 August 2004 Awesama Bag Clutch Handbags Colors Strap Bag 4 Chain Shoulder Green Shoulder Transparent Transparent rXxIaqrZ Home Depot Center
28 August 2004 San Francisco SBC Park
Color Woman Leather Hombro Black Dollaro bolso In Auténtica Italy Leather In Negro Black Woman De Dollaro Genuino Cordón bolso Firenze Genuine Negro Artegiani Made 25x25x25 De Cm Pelle Mujer Piel Italiana Closure Acabado Cierre Piel Mujer 25x25x25 Cm Artegiani Auténtica bolso Drawstring Italian Cuero Shoulder Made Pelle Color Skin Italy Finish Skin Vera Piel Vera De Con bolso Firenze 29 August 2004 Sacramento ARCO Arena

Songs performed[edit]

Production Staff[edit]


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